Friday, October 16, 2009

Restraining Order Time?

I have 3 drafts of entries from the past month, yet I never published them. Sorry. I felt like everything I typed up was boring and uninteresting observations about life in Japan. Let's get to the drama!
So you've probably all heard I had a small car accident... I was turning and got hit square in the passenger side. Broke the 2 passenger side windows and put a huge dent in the side of my car. The guy who hit me hates my guts. I rushed to him after the mishap to see if he was ok and he was clearly fine, but clearly angry. He never spoke to me the entire 3 hours we had to deal with the police. My car is toast. It didn't live long enough to receive a name. RIP WagonR Turbo. I'm driving a loaner from the Suzuki dealership and it's a small car. I think they took pity on me when I towed my crunched car there and saw I was clearly upset and wishing I was in a place that spoke English. I like the loaner because of one thing: it's a manual. I hate automatics now. Japanese customer service is beyond awesome, but their drivers, they are awful.
Today I went to the doctor for a follow-up. I went the other day to make sure everything was intact. It is. I'm a little bruised and banged up but nothing broken. So I walked into the doctor's office today, and guess who was sitting in the waiting room! Angry guy who hit me. He did not look at me the entire time, but instead looked like he was suppressing rage while performing mediation positions. I messaged my dear friend Yooko, who has become my Japanese mother equivalent. She immediately came right over, even though I said I didn't need her to. After I was finished at the doctor's, her and I were standing outside the office talking, when angry guy came out and got into his car. I made a subtle gesture to her that he was the guy. He was driving some small white car that obviously wasn't the car involved in the accident. As he started to back out, he rammed right into a pole, crunching one of his taillights. Instead of stopping and checking on it, he stepped on the gas and sped away, leaving a mess of plastic by the pole.
At first we were shocked, then we must have laughed for 10 minutes.

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  1. OMG he was so filled with rage he hit the pole (me and david are laughing so hard were crying) LOL OMG what an idiot!!! XD
    You can't make that shit up! Karma is getting him back I guess!!!


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