Thursday, January 7, 2010

If I Could Bring My Japanese Lifestyle to America I Would Bring

Japanese crochet patterns are usually picture diagrams instead of the written shorthand instructions. Call me a visual learner but I like it...

Not having to make an appointment to go to the doctor. I walk in and walk out, with meds in hand

On that note, national health insurance. Thank goodness for it

The customer service.... it is the best in the world. They would kiss your feet if you asked. They must be on happy drugs

My kotatsu. I am this girl whenever I am in my apartment

The bullet trains. Such a nice way to travel and see the scenery

Reusing shopping bags when grocery shopping, even though I sometimes forget them and pay the 5 cents for store bags (maybe I should find a bra that turns into a bag like this girl)

Taking your shoes off at the door. Especially in the winter

Instant curry. Just dump on rice (pic not really related)

Omiyage, or souvenirs. In Japan, when anyone goes somewhere they bring back snack-sized souvenir food native to the place they went to. For instance, bringing back kimchi from Korea

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  1. I just got a chance to look at your blog. I love it! And I'm learning all these crazy things I had no idea about. Hope you are doing great! Keep the posts coming!


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