Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I miss the Simple American Conveniences of:

Oh how I yearn for:

Going to a single store like Target and buying everything from milk to medicine to clothes

Not having to sort my garbage into plastics, burnables, tin, bottles, etc.

Being able to hook up my ipod to my car stereo. Come on, I live in the land of technology and yet I can't?!

Having the chance to have a dating life

Turning on a radio and hearing music. Mtv somehow lost their ability to play continuous music videos and Japan somehow lost their ability to play any music on the radio

Turning on a tv and usually finding something I like (in English) out of hundreds of channels

Highways being free. They are all toll highways here

Food slathered in chili (coney islands)

Going to the library to get dvds, music, and movies for free

Pop tarts. I so love Pop tarts

Part 2 (What I like about Japan) is next...

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