Friday, November 6, 2009

What did YOU do today?

  • I taught a class of 3 kids
  • I walked to a nearby rice field and watched cranes (the birds) with my vice principal over recess
  • Drove up and down the scariest road ever. It was the size of a large sidewalk (one narrow lane) that went deep in the woods through the mountains. There were no guard rails and it was only semi-paved. I don't know what I was more nervous about: driving off the mountain or going around a hairpin turn and hitting an oncoming car. Luckily neither happened. Why did I take this road? IT HAD AN INTERSTATE NUMBER.
  • Went to the chaotic grand opening of Uniqlo (US link for all you stylish people) and bought myself some new clothes for cheap. Yay!
  • Drove all over looking for a self service gas station, then when I got to one, couldn't figure out how to use the several machines and had to ask for help. One machine you put your money in, one machine you get change from...
And what about tomorrow? I'm gonna sleep in and not worry about getting out of bed by a certain time!!!

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