Tuesday, April 27, 2010


A conversation between me and a Japanese friend:
Friend: Do you have Mother's Day in America?
Me: Yep.

Friend: Father's Day?

Me: Yep.

Friend: Children's Day?

Me: Nope.

Friend: Why not? You have Mother's and Father's Day.

Me: Every day is Children's Day.

Children's Day is indeed a real holiday here. It is an Asian cultural festival celebrating the birth of boys originally, and now used as a time to celebrate both genders. Way to go, gender equality.

Last weekend I attended another Ballroom Dance Competition (this is my second, and no I didn't participate). I've made a mishmash of friends here, including professional dancers who own their own school. They compete in the Japan Ballroom Dance Federation competitions, which includes ballroom dances such as the waltz and foxtrot, along with latin dances, such as the rumba and cha cha. I took some pictures, but I'm sad by the way they turned out. I really wish I had a camera that wasn't point and shoot. Photography would be a suitable hobby for me here, if it didn't cost a ton.
Enjoy the colorful sparkly outfits:

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  1. This looks like fun to watch. The pictures are good for a point and shoot. So many interesting things you are doing.


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