Sunday, September 26, 2010

Return of the Rice Cooker

New cake made from my rice cooker! Surprised my good friend with this for her birthday yesterday. She's always helped me since I moved here and I wanted to give her something awesome. This was a 2 layer cake so it took longer than the banana bread. Decorated with whipped topping, mandarin oranges, pineapple, and chocolate candy. The writing is written on coconut cookies in chocolate. All done by me and I made it up as I went along. Japanese cakes always look so cute, and this was my first shot at them, besides the ones I helped decorate at the ward Christmas party, which looked like this:

I love the Japanese use of fruit on cakes. It really gives it color and flavor. American birthday cakes are nothing but a ton of overly-sweet frosting. Bleh.


  1. Wow, you made that in your rice cooker? Details! Very cool and it looks delicious!!!

  2. I didn't know you could bake cakes in a rice cooker! That looks amazing!


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