Thursday, February 17, 2011

Photo Dump

I have a ton of random pictures on my phone and my camera that I never know what to do with. They don't fit into a specific trip folder on my computer, but they are interesting, nonetheless.

Here's a shot of me at one of my school's mochitsuki festivals, where everyone pounds rice the old-fashioned way into a glutinous dough for making mochi, or rice cakes.

Here's a better shot of the teachers in action.

During some down time at school I tried a new craft: woodworking. Maybe if this teaching thing doesn't work out...

Found this R2D2 made of junk outside of a random shop. The interesting thing is he has a new cd/radio player installed in the middle of him, as a way to play music and attract customers.

My loaner car for the week is brand spanking new, and I couldn't help taking a picture of the evil 666km mileage.

The road construction signs in my neighborhood soothe any anger you have with soothing pictures. This one has lovely flowers, and another had a photo of a playful dolphin.

You know, I miss Starbucks a lot, even though I don't drink coffee. I never knew I missed the delicious cinnamon rolls. There's just something about lounging with a warm beverage in a cafe. There's only a few Starbucks here and they're pretty far, making it a treat.

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