Thursday, August 4, 2011

Adventure 1: Hokkaido

My first trip has come and gone, and I will show you my experiences through Instagram pictures:

 Sapporo is the big city of Hokkaido, so a trip to Godiva to try a Chocolixir was required. It was the best thing I ever drank.
 Sometimes it was hard to tell I was in Japan. The food, culture, and natural scenery give it a different feel. These Buddhist statues reminded me I was still there. Hokkaido was open to the West before the rest of Japan, giving it many influences.
 Somehow, in a moving car, I managed to get this shot. Out and about in the countryside.
 "Boys, Be Ambitious!" was the parting words of Dr. Clark, who established the agricultural college in Sapporo that helped develop Hokkaido. His statue with his famous words stand on a hill where sheep graze overlooking Sapporo.
 Every day I was greeted by Mt. Yotei, the nearby photogenic giant.
 Hokkaido is blanketed with many farms, which grow everything from rice to corn to potatoes.
 The ramen in Hokkaido is famous and often trademarked with the ingredients of corn and butter.
 Mt. Yotei inspired me to make it in donut form.
 At the base of Mt. Yotei, there are some streams and waterfalls where you can drink fresh, cool water straight from the source.
 Flowers are very beautiful in Hokkaido, in the brief summer it has.
Lavender is a popular product of Hokkaido, along with dairy products such as ice cream, milk, and cheese. 
 The government building in Sapporo signifies the western designs and influence.
 The rolling green of rice fields calms and soothes the many city folk like me from lower Japan.
I had a wonderful vacation rushing around shopping and sightseeing in the big city then escaping to the nearby vast expanse of countryside for a relaxing time.
Next... Kagoshima!

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  1. It looks beautiful and like you had a wonderful time. Very different from where you are living now.


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