Tuesday, October 18, 2011

iPhone Picture Dump

I've got a bunch of snapshots floating around my phone that weren't too special to put on Flickr yet I'd like to show:
Here's my buddy Ryo, who always welcomes me when I come to the port of my island school. This day he was unusually quiet and content in the basket of this scooter.

Girl group AKB48 is hands down the most well-known cute powerhouse in Japanese music, and their faces are on everything... Even a line of books to help junior high school students with their school subjects, like this one for English.

Japanese cakes are filled with cuteness too, in spite of spelling errors.

The Onomichi Light Festival decorates the town with candles inside paper lanterns decorated by the city's schoolkids.

I don't know how or why, but the fancy jewelry store had a peg jump game on the table, so I showed my man how to play. All those years as a kid playing it in Cracker Barrel paid off.

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