Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Obon in Miyazaki

I'm back from my trip to Miyazaki! By car, it took about 10 hours to get there, and we left at 1am to avoid traffic, only to be startled at the masses of people migrating on the highway at night during the holiday.
Our first stop was Aoshima, an island that looks ordinary until you get up close:

The island is surrounded by these strange rock formations. On closer inspection you get an idea of how strange they are, and they're all natural:

Next up was a place I had to visit. I wanted to see a certain park that had their own version of Moai. There are 7 in total, and they all are symbols for different things (love, wealth, success in studies, etc.).

Miyazaki has some delicious food. Besides their mangoes, they have a dish called chicken nanban, which is friend chicken topped with a tartar sauce. Different restaurants have their own versions of the sauce, and the one I tried was a vegetable-based one that was quite delicious.

Last but not least, I had my delicious mango parfait. It was quite tasty.


  1. That looks like a very cool place to visit. My husband saw the pictures and was like, "let's move there!" Lol.

  2. WHY did you not tell me about the MOAI?!? Amazing vacation~!


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