Friday, August 31, 2012

She Bangs

Summer vacation's drawing to a close, and I'm sadly looking at my summer goal list:

  • Spend a weekend at the beach swimming and barbecuing. I tried to make plans to do this, but they fell through. There's always next summer!
  • Work on my sewing skills by making some small projects and work up to the level of making clothes  I made the dress!
Excuse the awful picture. I still had food poisoning.
  • Write and receive more mail. If you'd like to exchange letters/cards... I'm looking to go old school and find some good snail mail pen pals to write to. I started vigorously with around 5 pen pals, but now letters are starting to slow down and it's getting easier to keep up and catch up with my pen friends.
  • Get back in the habit of Japanese study, whether it be in the form of a textbook or reading/watching fun things in Japanese. Maybe I can find a good drama to become engrossed in. Well, I never got into a good habit of studying every day but got into this 15 minute slice of life episodic drama called Umechan Sensei, which is about a girl growing up in post-war Japan who becomes a doctor.
  • Find myself a good sport (i.e. mode of exercise) to enjoy through the heat and humidity. I really failed at this one. I've been trying to get back into yoga as of this week. 
  • Use the internet less. Less mindless surfing and more hobby time. Maybe I shouldn't cross this one off...
  • Try salt on watermelon (upon my student's recommend)  I tried it, and I don't see what all the fuss is about. Sweet watermelon needs nothing to be eaten.
  • Go on a mini road trip and use my car's ETC for the first time (ETC is the automatic electronic toll collection system for the highways). What can I say, I always made my husband drive, or I drove his car. Oops.
  • Find myself the essential summer romance book and have a day at the park or beach reading. If you've ever lived in Japan, you know it's so ridiculously hot and humid here that I would fear roasting myself or melting my Kindle if I read outside. I read some interesting books, but all in the safety of my house.
  • Make a travel scrapbook It's not very fancy, but it's made:

On another note, I did something a bit crazy for myself that I've never done before, and it's related to the awful Ricky Martin post title... I got bangs!
(Bangs were stolen from Zooey Dechanel to make this hairstyle possible)

Back to school I go! I hope it cools down here soon. Taka and I are already planning our next trip. Now that we've conquered western Japan, we're going to be heading east in a few weeks to finish the Kansai region of Japan by visiting Wakayama and Mie prefectures. Stay cool, everyone!


  1. You had an extremely productive summer! And the bangs are smashing!

    You must go to all the places in Wakayama I've been dreaming of going to, but never got around to seeing! I will tell you about it later. It's so gorgeous there!

  2. OMG! Your bangs are adorable Ashley :D I love them!
    Your dress looks adorable, and yes you've been very busy. Good job crossing things off your list and doing lots of stuff. Hope it starts cooling off soon over there!



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