Monday, August 6, 2012

To Honeymoon

Back in the winter while we were huddling under our kotatsu for warmth, Taka and I were brainstorming our honeymoon plans. With a trip to America and a wedding in Japan to do, we weren't able to create much of a budget or time frame. After the June 9th dust settled, the talks started again. Taka wanted to go somewhere where they spoke English (which seemed like a good requirement for me) and I said I wanted to go somewhere with lots of history and sightseeing. No offense to those who spend their honeymoon on a beach or island, but I wasn't interested in spending my big trip chance on a tropical getaway. We had a destination in mind before the wedding madness and it was thoroughly lodged in our brains still. Thus, we booked our tickets for...


We'll be going at the end of December during New Years. With all the Olympics excitement and TV specials  about Great Britain, I've been psyching myself up for this trip. We're also hoping to take a side trip to Paris too, which hopefully won't be too much of a language barrier hassle. The only French I remember from my year of French in junior high was the phrase I used the most in class: 

"Puis-je aller aux toilettes?" 
which roughly translates as:
 "Can I go to the bathroom?"

Tomorrow I'll probably update on how I'm doing with my summer to-do list, and perhaps I'll start writing my London to-do list.... any suggestions? 
I'll leave you with a cool pic I found on Reddit of the London Eye:

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