Friday, October 19, 2012

Not Japan Related

I'm proud to be....

 ...from metro Detroit, since today our Tigers swept the Yankees and are off to the World Series. We were lucky enough to see full games live on tv here in the mornings (yay time difference), which is a rare treat! This came about because Japan loves to showcase their Japanese MLB players, and 2 belong to the Yankees currently. Too bad for Kuroda and Ichiro, but maybe next year.

Fun fact (not related to the above picture): current Tiger Prince Fielder's father, Cecil, not only played for the Tigers in the '90s, but also for the Hanshin Tigers here in Japan for a year. Both father and son have shined in Detroit, so I hope Prince will help win the pennant for Detroit.

I'm also proud to be... American (cue music). Today I'm sending out my absentee ballot, so pending no pirates or angry politicians try to intercept my ballot, I can say I've voted.

I had to move to a country where I can't vote in elections and jump through hoops to vote in my own country to really appreciate the right. Please vote on November 6th!


  1. I love this blog! GO TIGERS! Congratulations on voting! I'm so glad you did it! Now, to get my absentee ballot in!

  2. I wish I could say I'm sorry your Tigers lost to my Giants but.....NOT! :D


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