Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sorry Sorry Video Dump

Wow, another post! I'm on the ball lately. I think I can sympathize with Elizabeth's post about needing a day or week off for sleep. I've been really high strung and antsy lately. Here's some of the reasons, in no particular order:
  1. The weather has been completely awful this week: nothing but rain. One night it was raining so hard I woke up from the sound of it, then consequently went back to sleep and had a dream about my apartment building being in a landslide.
  2. My students haven't been behaving and paying attention in class as much... must be pre-summer vacation brain shutdown. Patience is running low when school is almost out.
  3. I can't wait to sleep in, get my own personal things done, and be able to have leisurely mornings where I can cook an actual breakfast and call people in the USA.
  4. Speaking of the US, that is probably the biggest thing that has me antsy: going home soon. It's always awesome to have something to look forward to and count down to (vacations especially), but it always makes me a bit impatient.
  5. I have to take my Japanese driver's license exam before I go home.
  6. The new Asian Kung-Fu Generation cd left me saddened by its uninspired bland music. I am also sad that I'm not going to their concert next week, but it's probably for the best (New cd set list? Pass.). I will continue to listen to the same stuff on my ipod until something new that I like finally finds its way to my ears.

I mentioned Radwimps before, so here's a video. That lead vocalist Noda has some pretty crazy style. He also has pretty good English (That you won't hear in this song unfortunately).

My guilty pleasure. There was a group of people who performed this song at the YSA conference and it was funny and too catchy. PS It's a Korean group called Super Junior and I have no idea what they're saying besides "Sorry sorry."

We better add to the list:
Staying up too late online looking for music.

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