Friday, April 22, 2011

New Digs

Welcome to my apartment!  (This is the door from the inside, with scenic garbage cans and a coat hanger to your left).

From the entrance, the door opens to a "hallway," with the shower room first on your right, then the toilet room, and the kitchen is on your right.

 Here's the shower room. I really like the fact that the Japanese tend to separate the toilet and shower areas. The entire shower room is lined so it can get wet! There's a small tub also in the lower right, that you can't see in the picture.

The kitchen isn't much in size, but my new one actually has some counter space! My old kitchen just had a burner and a sink side by side. It was a really annoying juggling act. You've got the fridge, microwave and toast oven with some minimal food storage.

Storage is a big challenge in a tiny apartment. This time I was smarter and bought many shelves to utilize space, like under my sink.

There's also storage in a cabinet by the door. It's a bit of a hodgepodge with shoe storage at the bottom, cleaning supplies on the top shelf, and toiletries/girly stuff on the middle shelves.

Next we follow the hall past the kitchen and bathroom areas to the main living area. (TV lens flare!)

Rotating around the room, I'll show you the living area. The previous picture shows my tv/gaming/printer corner. Next we have a small dining table that's become more of a desk. The picture above the table I had in my old apartment but I finally bought a frame for it. Looks much more classy.

Next we have the doors to my balcony and a corner with my plants on some cute storage shelves.

On the opposite of the table is my couch and my kotatsu (heater) table, which is converted for summer as a regular coffee table. Also, I have another one of those cute storage shelves and some pictures and postcards on my wall. By the way, my couch is awesome. The arms fold down so right now I have the one pictured on the right folded down to make it more of a lounger.

Next to the couch we have the shelves, full of books and odds and ends. There's a ladder.... where does it lead to?

It leads to my loft bed! Although climbing a ladder to the bed is not my ideal situation (talk about dangerous when you're sleepy or half-awake, let alone in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom) it's nice not having my bed smack dab in the middle of my living area. Just bought a new sheet set too! The ones I was using were the ones I had bought when I was fresh off the plane and had to quickly put together my apartment with no real choice in decor.

Under the loft bed is my big storage... my closet! It has all my clothes plus suitcases and boxes.

The view from the balcony isn't special but I love the fact I have this space now. I didn't have it before, and it was a pain for hanging out laundry and bedding to dry. I hope maybe I can grow some herbs too.

So this is my apartment! I hope you enjoyed my camera tour!


  1. It looks like a nice place. It looks very homey and cozy. Good job decorating.

  2. OMG YAY!!! Nice pic's thanks for posting this ^_^ Me and David were so excited to see your new apartment! That's awesome that you have a loft bed, very nice for a space deficiency. Looks pretty good dear!
    XOXO! ~ME

  3. Ooh~! I like it! Did the book shelf come with the place? I'm actually looking at a couple like that right now. It looks great! I'm glad you love it! ^ ^


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