Thursday, June 2, 2011


Lately I've been in to:

This song, which was stuck in my head for a few days. The beat is just darn catchy. It's a band called andymori.

The Southern Vampire Novels. I got tired of the show True Blood, which is based off of them, but I am currently enjoying book 5 of 11 of the series.

The Sushi Go Round application for my iPhone, which is also a game you can play online:

There's also this wildy popular app here in Japan called Tsumineko, which is all about stacking cats and making a tower as tall as possible.

My boy is a big Biohazard game series fan (that's Resident Evil to you Americans) I talked him into getting #5 and he talked me into playing co-op. I haven't played a shooter in awhile so it's fun.

My gym! (Sorry no pictures) I'm spending a good chunk of time there now, and I really picked a good place. The trainers are all very friendly, great to talk to, and they help you establish and tweak your workout program. Going to the gym is my after school program.

Last but not least, I've mentioned the Radwimps before, and they've got a new cd and seems like a bigger fanbase:

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