Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Here's what I've been up to:

1.) Killed my knee

I've been going to a gym about 4 times a week since about April and was doing interval running/walking on a treadmill in hopes that I could slim down and get into running. Well, it proved to be too much stress on my knee and I ended up injured. The doctor told me bluntly that I have first stage arthritis in my knee, and my weight is too much stress on my knees, so I have to lose weight. Well... that's what I've been trying to do. I can't run anymore, so it's a lot harder to accomplish that now. I don't think the 2 falls on the stairs at school really helped my knees either. I've turned into a little old woman with arthritis?

2.) Enjoyed the spring flowers
Japan is very famous for the beauty of the cherry blossoms, but there are many other lovely flowers, such as the irises and hydrangea (pictured here):

3.) Got a straight perm
The summer heat and sweating probability is too much for me to keep my awkwardly short wavy style, so I opted to go sleek. It was a wise decision.

4.) There's been a lot of earthquakes lately...
Seems like a stupid statement to make, but in the part of Japan I live in, earthquakes don't happen as frequently (not sitting on an active fault line is nice) but since the March 11th disaster, even the quiet Chugoku region of Japan has had some earthquakes. Granted, they haven't caused any damage. One did wake me up and have some aftershock rumblings, though.

Back in the Edo period, a myth was born that earthquakes were caused by giant catfish called Namazu. Seems like a good way to let off some steam and put a face to something that's dogged Japan for centuries. If you want to know more about it and see more pictures, check out Pink Tentacle's article. The various statements of humor, politics, and culture made by the pictures are very interesting.

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  1. I hope your knee gets some relief. We've been dealing with Bob's bad knee for years. :(
    I love your hair! It looks great!


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