Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Lately I've been challenging myself to be a better cook and expand my 'food horizons,' i.e. madly collecting recipes.
Here's the result from a world cooking class I took. They had different stations set up, and I chose to learn how to make Borscht from a nice Russian lady. I got to stuff myself silly with lots of delicious food from Mexico, Thailand, China, Argentina...

My crowning achievement has been mastering how to make a pumpkin pie in my toaster oven. It was missing the Cool Whip unfortunately, but it was still good.

 This was my attempt at Moussaka, and it turned out alright. I think the balance of ingredients was a bit off though.

Sadly, I can't say I made this. The great thing about living in Japan is that there's always a new gimmicky product to try. Snack and drink companies love to saturate the market with interesting seasonal products, like this strawberry and milk Pepsi I drank last week.
It wasn't bad, by the way. I don't think everything can be turned into a carbonated beverage, though. Hope you're reading this, Pepsi.

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