Monday, June 4, 2012


I can't quite remember what spurred it on (can I credit the great weather lately?), but I started a flurry of habit changes, especially with my time used online. First on the chopping block was the timewaster of Facebook. Next I cleaned out and forwarded my emails to one place. Last, I cleaned out my links and frequented sites. Overall, it's been quite a success. I've had more time to do hobbies I enjoy, like reading and cooking. I've been tackling a rather lengthy reading list and trying new recipes. Every week I've been baking bread and for the first time last week I used my tiny fish oven that comes standard with stoves here. With the summer heat around the corner, I've been finding that the standard Japanese meal of miso soup, salad, rice, and fish to be healthy and not too heavy and hot. I've also been looking to re-kindle some of my more crafty hobbies I've never had the time/space for, like sewing. The only time I've been able to sew in the past was with the help of friends and their equipment, and now I want to buy my own machine and give it a try. Another hobby I've yearned to get back into is gardening. Even though I don't have a yard, I've been growing herbs in the sunny window of my apartment, and they've grown so well that it looks like a jungle. I hung a basket of flowers outside my doorstep along with a pot of lavender. My doorstep is the only decorated one of the building, and I love the cheeriness. Apartment life is pretty cramped but little touches make it more comfortable.

Over the weekend I got my new car! I've been waiting for it for over a month. I feel like I've seriously upgraded... my old car didn't have power windows/locks, or an FM radio. It's amazing to have a key with lock/unlock buttons, a hookup for my iphone to listen to my music, and all the other little technological advances that make driving a treat.

It's T-minus 5 days until the Japan wedding, with preparations all set and my new domestication habits in place. Looks like I'm ready.

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  1. That's so cool about you making more time for hobbies and having the only door with potted flowers!
    Is that basil I see? :)
    Your new car looks very nice btw, and your wedding is almost here! Hope your have lots of fun. I'll be calling you.


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