Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jammies, Plants, and a Phone Cover

Well kids, the school year's over here and next week starts a new one. I've been feeling a bit crafty with the change of seasons and the sudden free time I've gotten.
First, I finished a sewing project I started in the fall, but thanks to honeymoon/school/life, put off for a long time. I'm a firm believer in only having 1 project at a time when it comes to sewing clothes, otherwise with my fickle attitude, I'd never finish anything. Since I'm still a beginner, sometimes I have to put something down and return to it with a fresh state of mind when I don't quite understand the directions. Lo and behold, I finished a set of manly yet cozy flannel pajamas, just in time for warmer sleeping weather. I can't wait to shed the poofy fleece marshmellow jammies I currently wear for the sake of warmth and wear these.

See what I mean about them not being at all girly?

Next I bought some new plants to freshen up my tiny, yardless apartment. Last year I grew basil and chives, two really easy edible plants. This year I stepped up and bought a strawberry plant and parsley, which are currently taking shelter from the chilly air in my makeshift greenhouse of a window, next to my Ikea cacti. 

No, that's not my car outside the window.

Last, I just finished a project I stumbled upon online. I've been in the market for a new iphone case, but am turned off by the designs and prices of what's available. I found an iphone case you can cross stitch, and even though my embroidery knowledge is pretty much non-existant, it looked simple enough because it came with a book. The book had directions and some simple pattern designs (here's the book and case set, sorry it's in Japanese). I didn't really like any in the book, so I laid out some graph paper and made my own design. It turned out pretty kitschy and cheezy, but I like it. The great part about it is, when I get sick of it, I can take out the stitches and make a new design. Maybe my next design will be a tribute to 8-bit gaming like Mario. 

The girliest phone cover, brought to you by the girl in the manliest pajamas.

I've got a little more time left in my spring break, so I'm off to go find my next crafty project. Will report in again soon!

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  1. Love your phone case! It's so cute and girly :)
    I go through phases where I cross stitch loads, and then get sick of it and stop. I have a basket full of half finished projects.


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