Saturday, August 10, 2013

A New Japanese Sewing Book

I picked up a new Japanese sewing book recently. This one is easy sewing clothes in straight stitches. No patterns are needed, because the pieces used are simple square shapes (with dimensions and sizing provided). The dress on the cover caught my attention with its cute gathered shoulders.

This giant bow top also caught my eye, but I don't think it would look terribly flattering on myself. Perhaps with a smaller bow...

I liked the simplicity of this inverted pleat skirt with front pockets. At first glance, I thought they were long shorts because of the left picture.

Japanese sewing books seem to be geared to the younger crowd who like the cute, natural, and relaxed style that has been popular here in recent years. I'm a fan of the style myself, but sometimes I feel my age when I see things like this:

No way I could get away with something like this. Not only does it seem too young in style for myself, but my top and bottom are not the same size in order to turn a dress into a skirt.

I really like this dress with the pleating in the front. Summer isn't over yet, although I do need to start anticipating Fall.

I'm not sure if I'll be adding any of these projects to my queue but these are definitely fast and easy pieces that could be done on a whim during a day off, not to mention I find inspiration from the styles.

I finished a new project this week I need to get pictures of and post, and I'm nearly finished with another Archer shirt, this one a Summer-y version. Tomorrow I'm off for a much needed trip to Yokohama for the Obon holiday weekend, crossing off another prefecture or two on my "prefectures visited" map. 

Have a peachy weekend everyone!

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