Tuesday, June 18, 2013

BBQs and Bombshells

How was your weekend?
Mine was packed with excitement, that's for sure. On Sunday, the local English teachers and their families got together for a bbq. Cold beer and drinks were plentiful, and it was a free-for-all buffet of meat and cut veggies on the grill. The sun was scorching, so the water felt wonderful and cool. Fun times were had by all, even after my little mishap. Yes, I had a mishap. I was cutting veggies for the grill and was using a paper plate as a cutting board, and I unfortunately slipped and cut into 2 of my fingers pretty well. Today I'm walking around with a gauzed up finger that reminds me of E.T.'s. Instead of showing the gore and the battle scars, I'll show a fun picture instead.

I'm ducking behind my friend in orange. You might have noted something different about me in this picture: last week I also chopped off all my hair, which has been a welcome change. No more failing to do my hair and throwing it into a ponytail instead. I must have been born without that gene to be creative with my hair... I can barely braid it. Thus, embracing my curly waves in a messy short look is perfect for me. My hair was down to my elbows, and even in a high ponytail it still hung on my neck and back, making me hot. Summer's heat is here and the humidity is my enemy. While I love long luscious waves of hair and cute short bangs, I can't handle them in Japan's especially brutal summer.

I'm working on getting my sewing groove back by taking on something I thought I would never attempt... something that I never feel comfortable in but hoping to change with this new challenge: a swimsuit. Have you seen this new pattern?

From Closet Case Files
I love the vintage and modest look of the bombshell swimsuit, yet it makes one pieces incredibly fun and sexy. I've been having a tough time gathering materials to make this here, but I'm hoping to catch up and participate in the sew-along.

I'll have to arrange for another bbq after I make this swimsuit. Next time I'll have someone else handle the food preparation though!

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